How to Keep Your House Clean With a Dog That Drools

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The motto "Must Love Drool" is to live by for anyone that has one of the dog breeds prone to drooling. Some dog owners of wet mouthed breeds even pride themselves on how much their dogs drool. If you have a dog who leaves puddles of drool everywhere they go, you are going to spend a lot of time cleaning, but it's not impossible to have a clean house. The key to keeping a clean house with a wet mouthed breed is developing a regular and consistent cleaning routine.


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Wet mouthed breeds

Most dogs drool sometimes, often when they are eating or while panting, but there are breeds that drool more than others. Some breeds such as Poodles don't tend to even drool, ​​but for other breeds, excessive drooling is their breed's standard. Sometimes referred to as "wet mouthed" breeds, these types of dogs have developed a reputation for being the most drooly. They include Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, Bulldogs, Bloodhounds, Bernese mountain dogs, and Neapolitan Mastiffs. The amount a dog will drool depends on the individual dog, but most dogs that are prone to drooling have naturally large jowls where the saliva and drool build up. These dogs may have excessive amounts of saliva drip down their face, and even pool under them. Wet mouthed breeds are a bit of an acquired taste in the dog world and they require extra attention to keep the dogs themselves clean as well as their homes.


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Carry drool rags

One of the easiest ways to clean drool in your house is to prevent it from getting on your furniture, walls, and floors. Many owners of wet mouthed breeds will carry a "drool rag" with them to gently wipe the drool off their dogs' faces. Washcloths or bathroom hand towels work well as drool rags and can be tucked into your waistband, training bag, or stashed around the house. Wiping drool off your dog's face to prevent it from falling or getting flung when your dog moves or shakes helps to reduce the amount of drool you have to clean around the house.


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Dog bibs and bandannas

For dogs who drool it is helpful to prevent messes by putting a dog bib or bandana on your dog. A bib or bandanna can help catch your dog's drool as it falls. This prevents the slobber from getting on your clothes, furniture and floors. This is especially helpful at times when your dog is more likely to drool such as around mealtimes, or when they are playing. Be sure to wash your dog's bandanna or bib in the washer and dryer to keep it clean and dry in between uses.


Wipe down the house

To keep your house clean with a wet mouthed breed, it's important to wipe the drool from any surfaces regularly. Creating a routine of daily wiping down walls, floors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets daily will help to keep your home clean. By cleaning daily you'll prevent the drool from hardening onto surfaces around your home. To wipe off the drool, use a damp cloth or a cleaner of your choice. Wet wipes also work well for removing drool from a variety of surfaces from furniture and car seats to shoes and bags. Keeping wet wipes strategically placed around your house and in your car can be helpful for cleaning up the drool on the go. As part of your daily drool cleaning routines, don't forget to look up! Especially with large and giant dogs who drool, they can sling the drool an impressive distance and it's not unusual to find drools on the ceiling. You'll also want to pay special attention to cleaning drool from dog crates or anywhere else in the home where your dog spends time and be sure to clean those regularly.



Mop the floors

Life with a wet mouthed breed involves needing to clean drool from surfaces including the floor on a regular basis. Devote time regularly, to mop drool from your floors if not daily then weekly. Regular drool mopping will help keep the drool from building up and keep your house looking and smelling cleaner. Be sure to pay special attention to the high-drool areas of your floor such as near where your dog eats and drinks. These areas can benefit from being mopped as often as possible.


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Dogs that drool excessively can be extra messy. Drool rags and bibs are a great way to prevent the drool from being flung around your house. Then, daily and weekly cleaning routines will help keep the drool from building up on the walls, cabinets, and floors around your home.



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