18 Dogs Enjoying Sliding Fun at the Park

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There are parks and then there are parks with slides. Nothing sparks joy quite like coming down a slide with the wind in your fur!

1. It's all about proper form.

2. "So, how does this thingie work again?"

3. Wheeeee, here we go!

4. "I'm not so sure about this."

5. "So I just hang out at the top here?"

6. A great view from up here!

7. "Wait, now I have to go back up again?"

8. "Take this shot in portrait mode, please."

9. "Where will I end up if I go down this thing?"

10. The only proper way to go down a slide.

11. Who should slide down first?

12. 10 points for this stylish dismount.

13. Slides are actually just for looking cool.

14. "I did it!"

15. Nice place for a little rest.

16. Look out below!

17. "I came all the way up here, but I'm not coming down."

18. Didn't understand the assignment.


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