14 Pictures of Cats That Will Make You Go "Hmm"

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When a call went out for Twitter users to post the strangest and most questionable pictures of their cats that they could find, the pet owners of the internet responded with their typical unbridled enthusiasm.

1. She made fetch happen.

2. A physical embodiment of ;P

3. It's time. Will you join them aboard the mother ship?

4. TFW you reach the front of the line and realize you don't have your wallet.

5. Dare you disturb the slumbering beasts?

6. When you accidentally open the front-facing camera, but it's fine, because all your angles are perfect.

7. Gotta keep those elbows warm somehow.

8. Yowch!

9. Say "teef!"

10. Two creatures emerge from the void.

11. "I showed you my toe beans, please respond."

12. Apex predator doing apex predator things.

13. Laundry day is the worst.

14. Comfortable? Or stuck, but pretending it's fine?


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