20 Pets Playing Dungeons & Dragons

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Dungeons & Dragons has been around since the 1970s, but it's seen a huge surge in popularity since the release of the roleplaying game's 5th Edition in 2014. Led by a "dungeon master" (or DM), the players form a "party" of heroes who travel fantasy lands, slaying evil beasts and delving into ancient ruins. It's so much fun that even our pets are getting in on it.


1. Time to fight some imaginary monsters!

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2. " Cane patiently waiting his turn."

3. When the session ends on a cliffhanger, and the DM says you'll pick up there next week.

4. Roll a Charisma saving throw to avoid being charmed.

5. Waiting for the DM to finish describing the bad guys so you can say "I attack them."

6. "Wendy is the cutest member of the party."

7. When the party has been stuck on the same puzzle for an hour, and you're wondering if they all chose 'Intelligence' as their real-life dump stat.

8. "Sir Thimblehog wants to play!"

9. When you fail yet another Deception check because your wagging tail gave you a disadvantage.

10. “Alright, I’ll allow it... but first a treat!” - Winry the DM

11. Wondering what a piton is and why there are ten of them in your inventory.

12. "Lenny is filling in for our wizard tonight."

13. When the DM describes making a treaty with a neighboring realm, but all you heard was "treat."

14. "Meren was helping me pick my druid spells for the day."

15. It says "lawful good boy" on his character sheet, but his actions say otherwise.

16. "Nat 1 on stealth, Nat 20 on charisma."

17. When you spend your highest level spell slot just to roll minimum damage.

18. Dreaming of crits.

19. "Battle cat. Proficient in clearing all his enemies off the table in a single swipe!"

20. "Fools. You thought he was the final boss? I'M THE FINAL BOSS!"