19 Dogs Who Don't Know Their Ear Is Inside Out

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There's nothing quite as embarrassing as having your ear flipped inside out without knowing it. And it's even worse when nobody tells you! These dogs know that kind of suffering well.

1. "Hey, whatcha lookin' at?"

2. "Do I have something on my face?"

3. "Oh, yeah? Well, I think I look good like this."

4. Both ears inside out? That's the WORST.

5. "I hope I look good. I have a job interview later."

6. Even handsome boys have ear issues sometimes.

7. This must be a new trend!

8. "I can hear you better this way."

9. "This treato looks like a trick."

10. Sometimes people don't tell you about your inside out ear on purpose.

11. If you tell him his ear is inside out, he'll thank you.

12. It's hard to flip your ear back when it's inside out.

13. "I hope my sloths don't judge me for looking like this."

14. "I look so lopsided."

15. The smaller dog is judging him hard.

16. Someone give this little angel a hand!

17. People who don't tell you your ears are flipped inside out are horrible.

18. She is dignified even when her ears are lopsided like this.

19. "OMG, I just saw myself in the mirror!"


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