15 Pets Enjoying The Springtime Sun

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Spring has sprung, and the days are getting warmer. Critters of all kinds are returning to their favorite sunbathing spots.

1. Sun's out, tongue's out.

2. "Lola enjoying the morning sun."

3. When the beams hit just right.

4. Everyone deserves to feel like this little lamb in a sunny meadow sometimes.

5. The solar battery of a standard black housecat takes an average of two hours to recharge completely.

6. The smells on a sunny day can't be beat.

7. Don't be alarmed if your cat appears to melt when exposed to the sun; this is normal.

8. "Achilles fell asleep in the sun by his favourite window with a toy in his mouth."

9. "An alpaca enjoying the New Zealand sun."

10. "I bought him a sun lounger for toddlers."

11. "When you love the sun but your brother is a jerk..."

12. Gotta get those beans warm too!

13. Take it from this pro: let the tiles soak up some sun to ensure a properly warmed rear.

14. "Enjoying the sun in İstanbul."

15. When you want to lounge in the sun, but the humans put a dang couch in the way.


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