16 Cats Who Are Totally Obsessed With Water

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Some people never see their cats drink water, but these particular cats have no problem staying hydrated. Their only problem is getting a human to top them off every half hour.

1. The perfect temperature.

2. "My cat figured out how the fridge works and now he's turnt on fresh, crisp water."

3. That's the good stuff.

4. "Kermit sits in the sink and yells for water at least 3 times a day."

5. Sorry, it's the cat's sink now.

6. "My old man, Ned, guards his water fountain with his life. If he hears one of our other cats drinking he races to shove them out of the way."

7. Yum, bird flavored!

8. "Gizmo's not the brightest tool in the shed."

9. (Slurping sounds)

10. "He has a one gallon refillable water bowl and this is [what] I walk into."

11. You can wash dishes later.

12. "My cat sleeps next to his glass of water for optimal hydration."

13. "Bob always puts his paw in the water when he drinks. He's a bit odd."

14. "I adopted a cat three months ago. Haven't had a cup of my own water since..."

15. "One of the cats at my vet's office waits on the drinking fountain for water."

16. "...but where does the water go?"


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