19 Dogs Relieving Stress & Getting Exercise With Their Hiking Routines

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There's nothing quite as relaxing as a good hike in nature. These dogs know and appreciate this very much, so they decided to relieve some stress from being good boys and girls all day by going out into the world. Here's to nature!

1. The best part of hiking is enjoying the beauty of nature!

2. "Wow, I made it almost to the top!"

3. Group hikes are so fun!

4. New favorite log.

5. It ain't easy making the trek, but it's worth it.

6. Majestic!

7. "My hiking buddy is the best."

8. Nothing relieves stress like the water and the forest.

9. Group pic before the group hike.

10. Spotted: A deer in the distance!

11. "Let's get lost in the forest!"

12. Utah has so many great hiking spots!

13. "Check out the view, guys!"

14. "Let's take a hike!"

15. It's easier to hike great distances with pals.

16. The dog that bravely jumped over a creek!

17. "I made it to the top!"

18. Chilling in the shade of this boulder after a long hike.

19. It's fun to breathe in fresh air!


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