19 Dogs With The Most Enviable Eyebrows

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Humans do a lot of upkeep to make sure their eyebrows look good. Too bad they're not as lucky as some dogs, who were blessed to be born with the most enviable eyebrows. It's a matter of good genes!

1. Sometimes you're just not in the mood to trim your eyebrows.

2. With eyebrows like these, you don't need salon visits.

3. Thank goodness skinny eyebrows are no longer in style.

5. Brushed his eyebrows...didn't brush his hair.

6. Keeping these babies groomed is a full-time job.

7. Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's an eyebrow tint.

8. "Okay, maybe I do need a little trim."

9. He gets shy when he gets compliments on his eyebrows.

10. Your eyebrows don't always have to match your fur.

11. When your eyebrows give away your emotions.

12. It ain't easy to be this perfectly groomed in the brow area.

13. When a puppy has better eyebrows than you.

14. "I'm not surprised; these are just my eyebrows."

15. "I trim my eyebrows once a week, I swear!"

16. There's nothing better than a perfect pair of brows.

17. Eyebrows are sisters, not twins!

18. "I always remember to pack my eyebrow grooming case."

19. "Don't be jealous of my eyebrows, it's not nice!"


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