20 Dogs On Balconies Enjoying & Protecting Their Neighborhoods

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You may not know this, but Balcony Dogs are a thing and they take their jobs very seriously. Between observing their neighbors, enjoying their often spectacular views, and, of course, guarding the neighborhood from potential villains — they do it all.

1. "Hello, neighbor."

2. A fancy dog on a fancy balcony.

3. It ain't easy being on Neighborhood Watch.

4. Squirrel-watching is better from up here!

5. Gotta make sure the birds are safe.

6. There's nothing quite like a fancy dinner on a balcony.

7. It's all about the vibe with the fairy lights.

8. Don't worry about them for the next two hours, please.

9. A world-class setup over here.

10. "I lay low so the bad guys won't notice me."

11. Balcony socializing is the best!

12. You can never take a good view for granted.

13. Ever feel like somebody's watching you?

14. It's called Paw Enforcement.

15. The little greeting ritual in the morning.

16. "We're so lucky to live here."

17. The award for the prettiest balcony goes to these guys.

18. It's lonely at the top.

19. Neighborhood Watch on duty again.

20. This special hole was made just for him!


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