12 Animal Friends To Share With Your BFF

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These cuddly critters know exactly who to call when life gets ruff.

1. Weekend chill vibes.

2. "I get to bring my border collie Ivy to work with me every day. Here she is with her best friend and coworker Forest!"

3. It's a BFF thing, you wouldn't understand.

4. "They came to the shelter together."

5. A good BFF always has time to grab lunch with you.

6. "My dog and my girlfriend's rabbit grew up together and are still best friends."

7. Don't bother them, they're busy.

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Image Credit: iamtheliquor__ via Reddit


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

8. "Charles thinks we got the new puppy just for him, instant best friends."

9. Nothing beats a beach day with your bestie.

10. "Our cat Jeffrey has become best friends with the neighbor’s dog."

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Image Credit: jonnycreighton via Reddit


11. Even thunderstorms aren't so bad with your BFF around.

12. "My cat can't stand other cats but she chills a lot with my bunny!"


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