16 Dogs With The Most Infectious Smiles

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These dogs are radiating good vibes. Just try to look at their sweet faces without feeling your heart get a little lighter.

1. "Buddy was very happy to be on a walk this morning."

2. "Maya loves to be brushed. Bliss."

3. Find someone who looks at you like this dog looks at carrots.

4. "Sadie Mae smiles when Monday rolls around because her cousins come to play."

5. Houston, we have achieved liftoff!

6. "The beach makes her so happy."

7. A smile so charming it could sell doggy toothpaste.

8. "On the way home from the dog park. Tired and happy!"

9. You don't have to understand what's going on to get excited about cake.

10. "Rocketman may not have all his teeth, but he's still all smiles!"

11. "Tucker reallyyy loves puppy school!"

12. Who needs to go to the end of the rainbow when there's gold right here?

13. Say cheese!

14. "Happy, happy hippo."

15. "Midge is so happy, but so dirty."

16. When you're surrounded by flowers, and you know you're prettier than all of them.


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