Stop Stressing and Look at These 13 Adorable Raccoons

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Drop whatever you doing. It can wait. There are pictures of raccoons on the internet, and they're not going to look at themselves.

1. Her royal floweriness wishes you well.

2. "Sorry to bother you, but the bird feeder is empty."

3. Clearly they're getting up to something.

4. Forest management is here to remind you to take your trash with you, or hand it over now.

5. Pizza: the great unifier.

6. Looks cozy!

7. "Excuse Me Sir. My Ball Went Into Your Backyard. Can You Please Throw It Back?"

8. "For me? Oh my gourd, you shouldn't have!"

9. "Loki was super happy today (his first time in the forest)"

10. About to drop the hottest album of the year.

11. Date night!

12. "Accidentally noticed this raccoon hiding in a dead tree."

13. Just a little guy in a big world.


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