Should You Stroller Train Your Cat?

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Is your cat interested in what is going on outside? For curious kitties getting their own stroller can be an excellent way to give your cat safe access to explore the outside world while keeping them protected. Stroller training your cat is also a way to let your cat safely accompany you to more pet-friendly places.


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Benefits of getting a cat stroller

There are a variety of benefits to stroller training cats. Similar to how a catio space can provide indoor cats with access to the outside world, a stroller can provide the same enrichment but on wheels. Strollers are beneficial for cat owners who live in apartments or aren't able or comfortable with building a catio. A pet stroller is more comfortable than a cat backpack. Stroller training can provide cats and kittens with regular access to fresh air and all the sights, scents, and sounds of the outside world.


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Stroller training your cat also allows you to bring your cat along to pet-friendly establishments like pet stores. This way, they can pick out their own toys and treats — and gain confidence with the outside world. Stroller training is a great way to get your cat outdoors for fun. Though it can also make traveling to vet appointments more comfortable and less stressful. A cat stroller can give them a safe place to relax at appointments.


What cats enjoy about stroller training

Although many cats enjoy stroller training, it's not always the right activity for all cats or in every situation. Stroller training is most enjoyable for cats that are outgoing and inquisitive. These confident cats tend to enjoy stroller training the most. Cats that are shy or timid might not enjoy it as much. More nervous cats may find the experience of being taken out in a stroller frightening or unpleasant. If your cat seems upset about being in the stroller or going out on walks, it's important to end the experience immediately.


Stroller training is also less strenuous and (in general) safer than leash walking for cats. Stroller walks can be especially great for socializing young kittens in the world. It can also be beneficial for older cats who might be less mobile but still enjoy enriching adventures.


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Finding the right pet stroller for your cat

When you are looking for a stroller, important to select one that is specifically designed for small pets. Do not use baby strollers because they are not set up to keep your cat safe and comfortable. Strollers designed for cats will have a main compartment that is a mesh-like material and a soft-sided carrier to keep your cat contained inside. But they should still be able to take in the view. Most strollers will also have small cat leashes built into the stroller. You can also attach a cat harness as an extra safety precaution.



Supervise your cat when they are in the cat stroller

It's important to supervise your cat anytime they are in the stroller. You'll want to keep a close eye to make sure that your cat is comfortable and enjoying the experience. You'll also want to make sure that your cat isn't being approached or frightened while out on a walk.


You may encounter other cats and dogs who are curious about your cat in the stroller so be sure to keep your cat a safe distance from other animals while out on walks together. You can also add treats and toys into the stroller for your cat to help them build positive associations with being inside the stroller.


Cat stroller safety tips

When taking your cat out on a stroller walk be sure your cat is safely secured in the stroller. The carrier component should be fully closed. Have your cat's harness attached to the stroller. Don't attach your cat to the stroller by their collar as this could cause an injury. Or your cat could slip out of their collar this way. Your cat's comfort is always the number one priority.

Select days that are mild and not too hot or cold to keep your cat comfortable. You'll also want to avoid rainy days for cat stroller walks. Before taking your cat out in a stroller, make sure their vaccinations are up to date. They should already be microchipped and wearing updated tags with your contact information on them.

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Start slow with your cat's stroller walks

If you think your cat might enjoy stroller walks, don't just put them in a stroller and then take them out for a marathon walk in a busy park. Short walks are best when introducing your cat to the stroller. Keep your initial stroller walks short and utilize positive reinforcement techniques to help your cat make positive stroller associations.

Stroller walks can be overwhelming and intimidating for even the most outgoing of cats. Pay attention to your cat's body language while they are in the stroller. If your cat seems uncomfortable in the stroller cut the walk short and head home.

In summary

Stroller walking can be a fantastic way to provide enrichment to your cat's day. Stroller walking is a way to provide your cat with access to the sights and smells of the outside world while keeping them safe. Make sure to get a stroller specifically designed for cats. Always supervise your cat while they are in a cat stroller. Keep your walks slow at first before building up to longer routes with your cat.


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