23 of The Internet's Best Dogress Pictures

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It's easy to forget how quickly puppies turn into dogs when you're watching it in real-time. Luckily, we have photos to remind ourselves of their fantastic progress — or dogress, if you will.

1. "Olive pupdate! From 10 weeks old and 3 lbs to 8 months old and 9 lbs!"

2. "Three years ago they were the same size!"

3. "Puppy VS 1 year - Axel has grown into such a handsome boy"

4. "2 months to 3 years for Lenny"

5. "Sophie hasn't changed a bit. from 10 weeks to 4 years."

6. "Fluff ball to man child. George is always happy."

7. "From a little potato to a 2-year-old!"

8. The joys of having a younger sibling.

9. "Some things never change… ~4-5 months to 3 years"

10. Two Januaries later.

11. "My girl Blue just keeps getting cuter."

12. "Saber went from a baby cub to a sweet grizzly bear."

13. A wise gray hair for every snuggle given or received.

14. "Same spot, 9 months apart."

15. The sonar ears took a while to come online.

16. "Happy birthday, Sindar! 9 weeks to 9 years old"

17. "It’s still her favorite spot a year later"

18. "Marge: 10 weeks... and 1 year (older sister/mentor Lexi for scale)"

19. "Baby Bilbo from 8 weeks to a year!"

20. "Dandelion at 10 weeks vs 10 months... she grew like a weed!"

21. "Our 11-year-old queen of the house."

22. "Lafayette in his favorite sleeping position."

23. "Addie got taller, but she’s still quite a twig."


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