16 Animals Having a Ball With Pumpkins

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Pumpkins can be a great source of enrichment for animals in wildlife sanctuaries and zoos. Not only do they taste yummy, but they're fun to play with too!

1. If you're listening for a heartbeat, we've got bad news.

2. Don't be scared, it's meer-ly a jack-o'-lantern!

3. About to go hog wild on this pumpkin.

4. A little too pumpkin spicy?

5. When it comes to animal enrichment, sometimes you have to think outside the fox.

6. The lemurs are up to pumpkin.

7. That mohawk is gourd-geous.

8. "You've got to be pumpkidding me."

9. No tricks, just treats.

10. Pumpkin head!

11. This otter be good.

12. Don't drop any pumpkins, they might get squashed.

13. This jack-o-lantern is a head above the rest.

14. Stick or treat?

15. "A pumpkin? For me? Oh my gourd!"

16. When you eat too much candy and it gives you a tummy ache.


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