18 Dogs Spending Their Summer Kayaking

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Summer is here! It's a great time to do water activities like kayaking, and these dogs are so happy to be on the water. The question is though, can they paddle?

1. "I do not have opposable thumbs, so I may not be able to paddle."

2. So happy to be on the water!

3. Kayaks can be surprisingly cozy.

4. When your life vest matches your kayak.

5. Nothing is more fun than kayaking!

6. "Hey, can you paddle a little faster?"

7. Nothing beats the calmness of life on the water.

8. The look you give when you're ready to go home.

9. A picture perfect moment.

10. Just two pals kayaking together.

11. It's a beautiful day to be kayaking.

12. Peek-a-boo!

13. The breeze in your fur is unbeatable!

14. Summer is better when kayaking with friends!

15. Ready for any adventure.

16. Admiring the beauty of nature never gets old.

17. "It's a kayak life for me."

18. Always let the human do all the paddling.


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