15 Cats That Are the Captains of Their Ship

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It's not easy being a captain. Especially a cat captain. But these cats are ready for any challenge at sea. They've got the skills, so don't worry — you're in good hands.

1. Ahoy, matey!

2. It's always smooth sailing.

3. "I'm the captain now."

4. Someone's gotta be the lookout.

5. "Don't judge my captain skills."

6. Time to head down for some rest.

7. "I'm tired of steering. It's your turn."

8. "I put the boat on autopilot. That's possible, right?"

9. Tanning time!

10. So tired of being the leader of this boat.

11. "Don't worry, I got everything under control."

12. "Iceberg? Nah."

13. All aboard!

14. "This is my boat. Go away."

15. King of the world.


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