The Basics About Cat Pheromone Products

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If your cat is exhibiting negative emotions and behaviors, such as anxiety, fear, aggression, or is in conflict with other pets — feline pheromone products may help resolve those problems. Here's some information on pheromone sprays and diffusers so you can decide if your cat might benefit from them.


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What are cat pheromone products, and how do they work?

Cats use pheromones as a way to communicate. The chemicals are released by glands throughout the body, such as in the paws and face. When a cat scratches things or rubs their face on people and objects, they leave messages for themselves and other kitties. This all starts when they're kittens. A mother cat releases pheromones to bond with her litter and helps them to feel calm.


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Feline-specific pheromone products are formulated with artificial pheromones. They mimic positive pheromones. Pheromone products can gently help cats who are experiencing stress due to difficult circumstances. This can include a move, a car ride, changes in the home, or the introduction of a new pet or baby.


In general, cat pheromone products are considered safe. They make it simple to infuse a space, such as a room, your car, or your pet's carrier, with the feel-good chemicals — that your feline companion is familiar with.

Signs of stress and the benefits of a cat calming spray

Different cats may exhibit stress in different ways. For example, some pets might become more aggressive, while others might become less social. Also, some kitties might experience symptoms like diarrhea or a change in appetite when they're frazzled. Others might start meowing more often, urine spraying, or grooming excessively.


If you're familiar with your cat's behavior when they're content, it will be easier to notice when something is wrong. Then, you can work on figuring out what's causing the stress. In the event that you can't remove the trigger — such as when you have a baby, you move to a new house, or there are thunderstorms that frighten your kitty — a diffuser or spray might be the solution. It can send a reassuring message that your cat is protected. It might also help your pet feel more confident and relaxed.


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Cat pheromone diffusers and sprays for unwanted behaviors

Destructive and unwanted behaviors, such as eliminating outside of the litter box or scratching furniture, may also be signs that your cat is unhappy. In this case, feline pheromone products like a diffuser kit or spray might come in handy.



Comfort Zone offers a cat pheromone spray that's formulated to help stop kitties from scratching things they shouldn't. Also, if your cat is urine marking, you can spray this product on the objects your pet is targeting — to send a message that there's no need to mark those areas.


Unlike pheromone sprays that can be used on objects, a diffuser can be plugged to work throughout a space for a longer stretch of time — such as 30 days. One option is the ThunderEase Diffuser.

An important note to observe any changes in your cat's behavior

Changes in behavior and the development of new ailments like digestive problems might indicate that your pet has a medical condition that should be treated. Therefore, it's best to consult your veterinarian first so you can be sure your cat is healthy. If stress is the cause of your pet's symptoms and negative behaviors, your veterinarian can help you select the right pheromone products.


Calming pheromones in sprays and diffusers

The right pheromones could promote a sense of calm in a cat that's uneasy or fearful. For example, Feliway Classic Spray mimics the feline facial pheromone that can help your pet feel safe. You can use this spray at home and while traveling with your cat.

In multi-cat households where kitties aren't getting along, a plug-in diffuser like Feliway MultiCat may be useful because it mimics the cat appeasing pheromone. This is the pheromone that mother cats use to comfort their kittens, so it might help stop the fighting.

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Side effects of cat pheromone sprays

When used correctly, cat pheromone products won't cause side effects. To ensure that you use sprays and diffusers properly, read the product labels carefully and follow the directions closely. For instance, you shouldn't spray the pheromones directly onto your cat. Also, whether you're using a spray or diffuser, your pets shouldn't ingest any of the liquid.

In summary

Cat pheromone products may be helpful when you want to reduce your cat's anxiety, stop their destructive behaviors, or help your kitties get along. Just bear in mind that behavioral problems and symptoms of stress might indicate your cat isn't feeling well. Therefore, it's wise to rule out health problems before turning to pheromone sprays or diffusers.



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