16 Cats Combatting Cold Weather With Coziness

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Cats know how to get cozy. When it comes to being comfortable, cats are pretty much experts on the topic. If the weather outside is a little too chilly, take some tips from these cats, and cuddle up inside.

1. Falling asleep is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

2. When your human is addicted to Etsy.

3. He'll hold paws with you, but no, you can't share his blankie.

4. When your job is making air biscuits, working from home is easy.

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Image Credit: bearwwolf via Reddit


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

5. Don't ever let anyone tell you how much fleece is too much.

6. "She meows until someone covers her. I've officially nicknamed her 'spring roll.'"

7. Nice to see siblings getting along.

8. Having the right cold weather gear can make the changing seasons a lot easier.

9. Warm laundry? Yes, please!

10. Do Not Disturb!

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Image Credit: barley-hops via Reddit



11. They're dreaming of ballroom dancing.

12. Turn off the lights on your way out.

13. Put the hammock away. It's hoodie time.

14. If the human won't wear a hoodie for you, you can make your own.

15. Not the most effective camouflage, but very comfortable.

16. Ahh, nothing quite like relaxing next to warm light and crackling noise of a gaming keyboard.


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