16 Dogs Whose Passion Is Fitness

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Do you even lift? Because these dogs sure do. Whether they're working out at home or at the gym, they never miss an opportunity to tone up their muscles. Endorphins make them happy!

1. This is way heavier than it looks.

2. Gotta pump yourself up before picking up the weights!

3. No pain, no gain.

4. First time at the bench press!

5. Stretching before lifting is so important.

6. "How many reps do I have to do, again?"

7. "I am DONE. I probably burned 800 calories today!"

8. "The gym is my temple."

9. "Wait, which weight do I use first?"

10. Deadlifting is no joke!

11. Selfie at the gym!

12."Can I just pop in a DVD instead?"

13. Gym squad.

14. Just a quick break!

15. "I can bench press 10 times my body weight!"

16. Gym love is true love.


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