14 Dogs Doing Brunch With Style

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Brunch! It's the best invention since bacon-flavored treats. And it also happens to involve real bacon. These dogs doing brunch enjoyed it very much, and they looked cute doing it too.

1. Bottomless mimosas? Mom will love that!

2. Nice cocktail, but where's the bacon you promised?

3. Daily dose of vitamin C!

4. You can never go wrong with a croissant.

5. Too young for a Bloody Mary, but licking the garnish is ok.

6. "I'll have the steak and eggs, please."

7. Brunching is more fun with friends!

8. "Can I have some toast?"

9. "Am I allowed to have caffeine?"

10. A celery has never looked so appetizing.

11. The universal look for "butter my muffin."

12. Brunch but make it Halloween.

13. BACON!!!

14. A dose of motivation to go with breakfast.


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