17 Dogs Who Might as Well Change Their Names to Kahlo, Da Vinci, or Picasso

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Great artists are born, but practice never hurts. These dogs have talent and skill, and they're ready to show off their masterpieces that they've worked so hard on. All human artists better watch out!

1. Very proud of this masterpiece.

2. They don't make art like this anymore!

3. Mini paintings are just as good as big ones.

4. Did two paintings in one day. Can we get some applause?

5. This color palette is pure sophistication.

6. Van Gogh who?

7. We'll call this painting, "It's a beautiful life."

8. All great artists admire their own work.

9. Look at those bold brushstrokes!

10. It's all about the vision.

11. The first of many masterpieces!

12. Finding the right colors is the most important thing!

13. "I'm in my blue period."

14. Hang this in the Louvre.

15. It's a new splatter style that's all the rage.

16. Bet YOU can't paint with your mouth.

17. "I'm not just an artist; I'm an innovator."


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