19 Dogs Who Are Total Chick Magnets

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It's not easy being a chick magnet, but these dogs just happen to naturally excel at it. It turns out...fluff attracts fluff!

1. What kind of puppies are these?!

2. Smells like chicken.

3. "I'm here to protect you, little ones."

4. Just a group of babies hangin' out.

5. "Wanna play?"

6. "Did we just become best friends?!"

7. The confusion is real.

8. So many chicks, so little time.

9. "Dad, is that my new toy?"

10. Future besties.

11. So fluffy!!!

12. When you're the same size as a baby chicken.

13. The fluffiest moment of all time.

14. So cozy together.

15. Well, hello there!

16. Bedtime is better with a chick.

17. Public transportation.

18. Curiouser and curiouser.

19. Can see so much better from up here!


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