16 Dogs Getting Into the Groove of Office Life

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The 9 to 5 life isn't for everyone. These dogs are adjusting to office life, with some really getting into the groove while others might be looking for remote or hybrid opportunities in the near future.

1. Hmm, is this sign too obvious?

2. When you're done for the day, but it's still not 5 pm.

3. Putting all this stuff away is gonna take all day!

4. It's a training day.

5. Is it wrong to nap during work hours?

6. The mid-day yoga break is a must.

7. Trying to get out of the fourth meeting of the day by hiding under a desk.

8. Office parties can be so awkward.

9. Today was ruff.

10. It ain't easy being CEO and CFO.

11. Working hard or hardly working?

12. Daydreaming about taking a quick power nap.

13. Sometimes you gotta call in an expert.

14. This meeting could've been an email for sure.

15. Everyone needs an office bestie to get through the day.

16. That 9 to 5 life really isn't for everyone.


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