13 Dogs Who Are So Excited That It’s Snowing

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These dogs are thrilled that winter is here, and they finally get to run around in the snow. Good luck getting them back inside!

1. Nothing like a good romp in a snowy field.

2. Defying gravity!

3. Hmm, interesting flavor.

4. OMG, icicles!

5. Nah, how about you come out here?

6. Snow zoomies.

7. Look at all this snow someone left here!

8. A snowy moment of zen.

9. "We got 28 inches of snow... he was determined to play regardless."

10. "Turns out white doggos don't mix well with snow and polaroids."

11. One mug of hot cocoa, please! Extra marshmallows, hold the cocoa.

12. Crunchy water??

13. That bone must be here somewhere!

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Image: Gastonbeast24 via Reddit

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