The Best Holiday Gifts for Cats Under $25

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If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, gift-giving among friends and family is probably a part of the festivities for you. For pet parents, our feline friends are part of the family, and finding gifts for them might take place during the holidays, too. Whether it's a small stocking stuffer or a big item, you don't have to spend a ton of money to show your cat how much you care about and appreciate them. We've rounded up a list of fun holiday gift ideas for under $25, so even cat owners on a tight budget can find their cat a present they'll love!


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1. YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy

$13.98 at Amazon

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$23.09 at Walmart

Cats of all ages love to stay engaged and entertained, and an interactive cat toy like this one can do just that. This toy is rechargeable so no batteries are required, and it shuts off automatically after 40 minutes. This ball self-rotates 360 degrees to produce constant movement, and even changes direction when it hits a surface, so no worries about it getting stuck behind a door or chair. Although it rolls great on hard surfaces, thick carpeting may pose a challenge.


2. Frisco Bird Teaser with Feathers Cat Toy

$3.45 at Chewy


Cat dancers are a simple and inexpensive toy that many cats absolutely love to play with, and make a great gift idea. This toy is made with durable string and crinkle material and is dressed with feathers to create an enticing object for cats to chase. It's also a catnip toy, and contains a bit of the herb for some extra encouragement, making a perfectly stimulating game the both of you can enjoy together.


3. Frisco Colorful Springs Cat Toy, 10-Count

$4.75 at Chewy



If you're looking to keep your holiday budget low or have several feline friends to shop for, this 10-pack of spring toys makes an excellent stocking stuffer. The spring design is made to engage many of a cat's primal behaviors, including pouncing, hunting, stalking, and swatting. The springs are offered in red, yellow, green, and blue, and have an erratic bounce your cat will find irresistible.


4. Cat House - Indoor Bed with Removable Foam Cushion

$13.09 - $24.95 at Amazon


$13.09 - $27.00 at Walmart

You can make a big gesture with a Christmas gift for your cat without spending a lot of money thanks to this cat bed, which is one of the best gifts here for shy or quiet cats. It's available in six colors, is made with extra soft plush microfiber fabric, and contains an inner cushion that's removable and reversible. The deep-set interior of this bed offers cats privacy, which is a natural instinct for them to seek out as it allows them to feel safe and rested. This pet bed's measurements are 13 inches long, 13.5 inches wide, and 12 inches high.

5. Baguette Catnip Cat Toy

$13.66 - $18.98 at Etsy


Who doesn't love opening a cute present on Christmas morning? These adorable handcrafted felt baguettes are the perfect gift for cats who love catnip and cuddling up with something soft. You can choose a white bread baguette toy or a whole wheat bread baguette toy, with or without a card, each measuring 5.75 inches long, 1.7 inches wide, and 1.5 inches high. Your cat will surely enjoy kicking, chewing, and licking this unique toy, which is handmade with love in Canada.

6. Massage Brush Cat Groom

$9.99 at Happy & Polly

Most cats love to be groomed and massaged, and these handheld brushes do both at once for under $10 apiece. Made of food-grade silicone, these brushes are durable but gentle, and are nontoxic and safe for cats of all ages. The brush comes with a handle that fits around the hand, which makes it easy to control the bristles and the pressure for the most enjoyable and relaxing way to tame matted hair, remove dead skin cells, and distribute healthy oils for a shiny coat.

7. Greenies Feline Catnip Flavor Adult Dental Cat Treats

$2.23 - $19.98 at Chewy


$2.23 - $19.98 at Amazon

These may not be the fanciest cat gifts of the bunch, but if your cat is a Greenies lover, they'll love it every time they get one. These crunchy treats not only reduce tartar buildup and leave cats with fresh breath, but they also taste great and are made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Each treat contains less than two calories and is fortified with vitamins and minerals for a healthy snack that cats enjoy all year long.

8. The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Kit

$14.90 at Chewy

$14.90 at Amazon

There is probably no better Christmas present for an indoor cat than the gift of enrichment, and items like cat grass do just that by meeting a natural need that they have. This item comes as an easy-to-use kit, complete with three grow trays, three soil disks, and three locally-sourced seed packets. Cat parents will have everything they need to offer their best friend fresh grass to munch on! Seeds sprout up to 4 inches in just four to seven days, and the grass plant can be kept alive and healthy with indirect sun and regular watering.

9. Petstages Scratch 'n Rest Cat Scratcher

$15.97 at Walmart


$17.77 at Amazon

Another innate urge cats have is to scratch things, so providing a designated area, such as a scratching post or pad like this one, meets their needs while protecting your furniture. This is a freestanding X-shape design made from cardboard, so it's lightweight and folds up quickly to keep it out of the way when it's not in use. Cats can rest on it, use it to stretch, and of course, scratch away at it with both their front and back paws.

10. Cat ID Tag

$14.00 - $26.00 at Etsy

Just about anyone would love to receive a new piece of jewelry as a gift, and for our cats, we can offer them hardware this holiday season that's personalized and made just for them. These cat ID tags are available in silver and gold, and each has the option to add a microchip for an added fee. These chains are small enough to fit on a cat collar (about the size of a penny) and still big enough to hold your furry friend's name, phone number, and a design. Each tag comes with two rings, and the etching is hand stamped on so every tag is one of a kind.

11. Frisco Holiday Giftbox Dog & Cat Costume

$16.99 at Chewy

The best present we could get we already have—our cats. For an extra special gift that's likely more for the cat moms and dads out there, this wrapped gift cat costume is a fun and cute option. Available in seven sizes for both cats and dogs, this costume wraps around the neck and chest like a traditional harness and stays put using velcro. The costume is made of polyester material that's breathable and contains a bit of foam padding for comfort. While this does wrap around pets like a cape, it's not intended for warmth if you take them outside, and is only meant to serve as a bit of festive fun.

12. Frisco Interactive Electric Flopping Fish Cat Toy with Catnip

$11.98 at Chewy

For some truly fun playtime that's exciting for your cat and entertaining for you, this flopping fish toy is hard to top and can fit right in their Christmas stocking. It's powered by a rechargeable battery which keeps the fish going for about an hour. The fish flops and dances around on the ground, mimicking a live fish out of water, and giving your cat something to pounce on, chase, bite, and carry. Additionally, there's a pouch on the fish's belly that holds catnip, which is included, to keep your cat even more engaged.

13. PEFUNY Cat Window Perch

$24.99 at Amazon

For felines who love to gaze out the window, cat lovers can surprise them with this perch that fits right in the frame and allows them to look outside to their heart's content. It safely affixes to windows using 3-inch suction cups and hangs using stainless steel cables, allowing the bed to hold up to 40 pounds. The bed itself is made of durable, rugged fabric that's quick-drying and easy to wash, and it also comes with a soft flannel mat for comfort.