Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Cats

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It's always a nice treat to look inside your Christmas stocking and find some small, cute items that were picked out just for you. For anyone with a cat in the home, offering a bit of Christmas cheer with cat-centric stocking stuffers is a fun way to show some love and gratitude during the holiday season. Stocking stuffers are usually small enough to fit inside the stocking and tend to be less expensive than other types of gifts, so we found a handful of fun toys and treats for under $10. Like shopping for anything else, always consider what your furry friend prefers and enjoys to ensure the best time for them and the best use of your funds.


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1. Kitty Lizard Articulated Cat Toy

$9.57 at Etsy

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Cats are stalkers, pouncers, and hunters by nature, so giving them something that sparks all of those urges is usually a safe bet. This lizard toy from KittyLizard on Etsy is 3D printed and made of high-quality and durable PLA+ filament to provide hours of fun and entertainment for cats and cat lovers. The Kitty Lizard is available in 10 colors and measures about 4.5 inches long. The articulated design causes the toy to move the way a real lizard would, which is eye-catching to a cat's instincts. It 'moves' across surfaces thanks to an invisible fishing line, so you can engage in play with your feline friend by moving it over tables, floors, or walls.


2. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toys, 3-Count

$2.08 at Walmart


$2.08 at Amazon

For a cat stocking stuffer that's simple and inexpensive, these classic mouse cat toys are hard to top. This three-pack contains plush toy mice that are filled with catnip that's free of chemicals and pesticides for a 100% organic experience. Cats can chase, pounce on, bat at, or chew these mice, and even carry them around thanks to the durable string tails that come attached.


3. SunGrow Kitty Crinkle Balls Indoor Cat Toy

$5.70 at Chewy



$5.70 at Walmart

For another tried-and-true cat toy, these crinkle balls are a great way to quell a cat's boredom, encourage exercise, and relieve stress for just a few dollars. Each pack comes with 12 balls that are just under two inches in diameter. While they resemble metallic foil balls, they are made of soft mylar and contain no rough or hard edges that could injure your cat. Additionally, the bright colors are ideal for cats with vision impairment issues, and the unique sound may be of interest to cats who have trouble hearing.


4. Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy Variety Pack

$4.97 at Walmart


$4.97 at Chewy

If your cat likes a little bit of every type of toy to play with, a multipack like this one will be a great thing to find in their stocking on Christmas morning. This variety pack contains 13 toys, including ball toys, pom poms, catnip toys like mice and fish, and a wand for some interactive cat play with their favorite person. These toys are lightweight and fairly small in size, so like all pet toys, should be used under supervision.

5. Fancy Feast® Appetizers Adult Cat Wet Food

$1.29 at PetSmart


For cats who enjoy eating a nice meal the most, this Fancy Feast wet food pouch offers a delicious serving of food that's filled with clean ingredients. It's available in five flavors, including chicken, salmon, ocean fish with shrimp, tuna, and skipjack tuna. Each pouch weighs 1.1 ounces and contains no by-products, grains, or fillers. The food is served in a savory broth, making it an excellent treat as a meal on its own, or served in parts as a topper.

6. Rainbow Adjustable Collar

$6.99 at Happy & Polly

For the feline friends out there in need of a new accessory to wear around the home, this rainbow collar with a rainbow charm is a fun way to offer a new look for under $7. Super lightweight and made of nylon, this collar really resembles more of a ribbon than a standard collar and is meant to stay on indoor cats. It hooks with a small clasp, like those on a necklace, and isn't made with a breakaway clip, so short-term wear under supervision is ideal with this piece. This is a decorative cat collar that's meant to be used as an accessory only, so it's not the best choice for outdoor cats who need a collar for identification purposes.

7. Small Pet Pillow With Catnip

$9.00 at Etsy


Soft little toys filled with catnip are a favorite item among many cats, and these handmade options from CherryCatStudio are a great way to offer something extra special to yours. These pillows are hand sewn and made of second-hand cotton quilt, so each one is perfectly unique. The outer edges are designed with ruffles, and the insides are stuffed with 100% cotton fill and catnip, although you can order yours without catnip if you prefer. Because the material is thrifted, the sizes may vary, but pillows won't be smaller than 4 by 5 inches, or larger than 5 by 6 inches.

8. Frisco Bird Teaser with Feathers Cat Toy

$3.45 at Chewy

What's one way to get a cat's attention? Feathers! This wand toy is made with a bird teaser on the end that's constructed of feathers, tassels, and a plush toy that's filled with crinkle material and Canadian-grown catnip. Many cats love wands as they provide something to chase and mimic the movement of a live animal, which allows them to tap into their natural hunter's instincts. This one is a solid stocking stuffer idea that can provide hours of fun!

9. Vibrant Life Holiday Cat-Uterie Board with Assorted Dry Crunchy and Chewy Cat Treats

$7.98 at Walmart


If your cat loves munching on tasty snacks, this cat charcuterie board comes stocked with a number of fancy morsels for them to choose from. The board comes with chewy and crunchy bites to create the best cat spread, and includes sausage slices, cheese puffs, and olive bites. All of the treats contained here are rawhide-free and are made of real chicken and real tuna to create goodies in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

10. Meowijuana® Meowi-Waui Catnip Bud Shake

$9.99 at PetSmart

$10.99 at Amazon

For cats who enjoy catnip in its raw form, this gift idea looks like it comes straight from the dispensary and fits nicely in any cat Christmas stocking. Each container comes with 18 grams of catnip with valerian root to create a euphoric experience that's mellow and laid back, perfect for unwinding before bed. Because it's loose catnip, you can sprinkle some on flat surfaces for your cat to roll in, or over their favorite toys.

11. Catnip Blanket

$10.00 - $15.00 at Etsy

Most cats love to cuddle up in a nice, soft blanket, and this one from DinoCatBowtique comes with or without catnip for some added enjoyment. Each blanket is handmade and measures about 17 inches square, although sizes may vary slightly. The blankets are made of flannel for a soft feel, and the refillable option contains hook and loop fastener on the sides to keep loose catnip contained. This particular blanket is made with a cute dinosaur pattern fabric, but there are other designs to choose from in this seller's shop.

12. Quirky Kitty Boredom Busters Cactus Dental Cat Toy

$6.99 at Target

For those kitty cats who just like to chew, this textured toy offers hours of engagement and enrichment. Shaped like a cactus, this toy is made of nontoxic silicone material that will hold up over time, and promotes healthy gums and teeth by gently massaging the mouth when chewed. The toy is filled with catnip to keep cats interested and comes with silvervine sticks, which you can use to refill the toy when your herbs lose potency or run out.


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