TikTok is Going Wild for Lick Mats. Here's How to Make One For Your Dog

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It's no question that dogs get bored when they are cooped up inside. They need something to do that will work their mind and body — to get them tired and keep them occupied. Dog enrichment toys like lick mats can help exercise your dog's noggin while also giving you a break from being their only playmate. So, what is a lick mat? They're all the rage on TikTok!


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A dog lick mat is typically a silicone mat with grooves to help encourage your dog to really take their time with snacking. You can use peanut butter, pureed pumpkin, or whatever food they love. Most lick mats have intricate patterns and textures to create a sort of maze for your dog to lick their way through. The different patterns help keep the food locked in the mat so that your dog has to really work for the food instead of chomping it down in one bite.


TikTok user @beaunosebones uses plain greek yogurt and dog-safe peanut butter for her dog's lick mat. She also includes a multivitamin. After spreading out the food on the dog mat, she freezes the mat to make sure it's tough enough for her dog to lick.

Using a lick mat as your go-to dog enrichment toy will not only help your dog work their mind, but the act of licking also makes your dog happy! Licking releases endorphins in your dogs brain. Lick mats can also help as a tool when dogs need to have high-stress maintenance tasks done such as baths or nail trims.