Brown Noise is Going Viral on TikTok. What Does it Have to Do With Pets?

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There's no doubt that white noise has been a game-changer for those dealing with anxiety and stress. However, TikTok has locked in on a new kind of noise — brown noise — and it's all the rage. So, what is brown noise, and how can it calm down you and possibly your pet?


The sounds often used in white noise and brown noise machines occur in nature. Examples of white noise include rain showers and crashing waves, while examples of brown noise include thunder and strong winds. Brown noise also provides a lower frequency of sound.



TikTokers are raving about the powers of brown noise. This is especially among those who are neurodivergent or have ADHD, saying that it has calmed their brain down. However, the validity of brown noise's power to calm minds and create a mellow environment has still yet to be determined.


Research on the effects of listening to brown noise is also limited compared to the effects of white noise. However, according to those on TikTok, using brown noise makes them feel less stressed and they have a more mellow attitude.

A trauma counselor on TikTok — @ask.courtney — uploaded a video explaining that brown noise has "been shown to soothe brains with trauma and ADHD" as well as "decrease racing thoughts, calm the mind and allow for you to focus more clearly on a task."


So, how does this relate to our pets?

Brown noise (and white noise) can help with human anxiety, and it can help dogs and cats in an even more straightforward way. A noise machine that has an option for brown noise can also be used to drown out fireworks, garbage trucks, thunder, or any other noises that scare or trigger your pets. This is called management, which just means changing the environment to prevent or minimize problematic situations.

Using brown or white noise to block out scary sounds can be a key part of managing a pet's anxiety. And never be afraid to comfort a pet who needs it!



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