15 Cats Who Think They Are Fierce Predators

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Ever-vigilant. Masters of disguise. Lightning-fast reflexes. Killer instincts. These fierce kitties are showing off their skills as huge, powerful predators. So scary and very intimidating.

1. A classic scare tactic: the Halloween cat pose

2. Today, the leaves. Tomorrow, the world.

3. They'll never expect the almond cookies

4. The part of a nature documentary where you have to cover your eyes

5. "Caught the cat hunting ladybugs again"

6. If this is what he does to shoes, imagine what he does to feet

7. Legend has it he trained hunting seals with the polar bears

8. We're not sure what tactic she is employing, but clearly it's successful

9. This apex predator knows to strike when humans are most vulnerable: in the bathroom

10. A pride of lions waits patiently. Their moth prey will soon tire. Any minute now...

11. Virtually invisible amongst the dense foliage, the jungle cat lies in wait

12. Sometimes, a bit of dramatic flair is necessary to achieve the perfect pounce

13. "Oh lawd, he comin" (run for your life version)

14. You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape the watchful eyes of the Tree Cat

15. An advanced maneuver, the Flat Cat requires patience, strategy, and melting into the floor


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