12 Very Important Business Dogs

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With housing prices skyrocketing across the nation, it's no surprise that millions of Americans are asking their dogs to find gainful employment and contribute to the bills. If your dog refuses to update their resume or says things like "but dogs can't type," just show them this list of very important business dogs.


1. Flawless interview attire

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2. That overeager intern's first day on the job

3. "Got those updated plans you asked for. I think you'll be especially pleased with the design of the doghouse."

4. "Where the heck is that file..."

5. "I can see you, but I can't hear you. Can you try borking into the mic?"

6. "This better be important"

7. These dogs hate mandatory brainstorming sessions as much as humans do

8. Even dogs know when a meeting should have been an email

9. "Ah sorry, can't go out for treats tonight. Boss asked me to stay late."

10. "Heck yeah, I can get that done! I'm gonna do it so fast! When I send it to you you're gonna be all, 'wow Larry, that was so fast!' It's just the kind of guy I am!"

11. "You think this is funny, Greg? I have serious phone calls to make and you mock me with a banana phone?"

12. And of course, the most legendary VIP of all business dogs, Mayor Max himself.


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