17 Dogs Enjoying Life on the Farm

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Farm dogs are a different breed. They know how to behave on a truck, have a lot of farm animal friends, and are generally enjoying the simple life. We could all learn a thing or two from them.

1. One charm of living on a farm is all the cool vehicles.

2. Herding takes a lot of patience!

3. Waiting patiently for a carrot.

4. Ponies are basically just very big puppies.

5. Snow on the farm means more play time.

6. Keeping an eye on the horses.

7. Truck tires make great hangout spots.

8. Hay is for horses...and farm dogs.

9. Every dog needs a horse bestie and vice versa.

10. There's no harm in chillin' by the farm equipment.

11. Taking cow-watching duties very seriously.

12. Farm friends for life!

13. Always a good boy when watching the farm animals.

14. When the cows photobomb you!

15. Taking a much-needed break from farm duties.

16. Learning how to drive so they can help out even more!

17. It's hay distributing time!


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