This Viral Automatic Ball Launcher is a Must for Fetch Enthusiasts

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For any dog owner whose pup just cannot get enough when it comes to a great game of fetch — there might be the perfect product for you. Some dog owners get tired of constantly throwing the ball for their dogs. Or they need a way to keep their dog entertained — without playing hours-long games of fetch. This viral automatic ball launcher might be the solution for an energetic dog.


Video of the Day

TikTok user @get_cargo raves about their new favorite product — an automatic ball launcher. "Don't walk, RUN to get this automatic ball launcher! Your pet's (and your arm) will thank you later," they captioned their TikTok video. In the video, they show their two golden retrievers having the time of their life using the ball launcher product.


"We have a new favorite product over here, and it's the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher," the narrator explains in a voiceover. "If your dog loves to play fetch, this will save your arm."

Not only will this automatic ball launcher help relieve a dog owner's sore arm, but it can help keep energetic dogs entertained. Sometimes, dogs are bored they can become destructive.


"They can play fetch with themselves and the machine will automatically give them breaks every 15 minutes so that they don't get too worn out," the narrator continues.

The automatic ball launcher plays fetch with your dog launching balls between 8 to 30 feet. The launch comes with nine settings and six angle settings. The product also comes with multiple safety sensors so people and other pets will stay safe. In addition, the launcher also has a motion sensor on the front to protect dogs and people from launched balls — up to 7 feet away from the launch pocket.


TikTok user @get_cargo summed up their rave review, "Run and get one of these...they are worth every penny, and your dog will thank you." The ball launcher can either be operated with batteries or by plugging it into the wall — "which makes it easy to take it anywhere you go." This product can be an option for helping prevent your high-energy dog from getting bored.



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