Our 6 Favorite Pet Apps of 2022

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In our advancing world, pet apps are becoming more and more popular. They are fast becoming a way for pet owners to better understand and care for their pets. From immediate veterinary support to identifying your cat's breed and more — here is a list of some of our favorite apps of 2022.


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Dog health and safety apps


Airvet is a subscription-based service that includes a downloadable app to provide pet owners with instant virtual access to veterinary professionals to care for their pets.


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This app provides 24/7 virtual veterinary care that pet owners can access via chat and video. The app includes unlimited chats and calls without time limits.


Through the app, veterinarians can help tirage care and determine if a pet needs to be seen in person or not. They can assess a host of health issues including skin coniditons, dietary needs, separation anxiety, lumps and lesions, diarrhea and vomiting, and other conditions.

The Airvet app is available to download for free from the Airvet website, for iOS through the Apple store, and android mobile through Google Play. There is an in-app subscription fee starting at $25 per month.


Pet First Aid

The Pet First Aid app was created by the American Red Cross to help pet owners be prepared for veterinary emergencies. This app can help pet owners take care of their pet's health from home.


Through the app, pet owners can get veterinary telehealth advice about emergencies live. This app has a variety of features including videos and step-by-step advice regarding pet first aid. The Pet First Aid app also includes tips and instructions for how to prepare for emergencies. There are also interactive quizzes to help pet owners be proactive about their pet's health for the future.



The Pet First Aid app is available to download for free both for iOS via the Apple Store and android mobile through Google Play.

Vitas Vet

Part of being a responsible pet parent is making sure your pet has the best veterinary care possible. This often involves jugging a lot of contact information and health records.


The Vitus Vet app allows pet owners to organize details about their pet's health. The app also provides tracking and monitoring of prescription medications, pet insurance details, weight changes, and allergies. You can also track your pet's vaccinations, medical records, and history. Having immediate access to all of your pet's health records can be very helpful — especially when traveling — and in emergency situations.


Some veterinary practices partner directly with the app and allow pet owners to schedule appointments and medication refills through the app.

The app can also track information regarding other professionals your pet sees such as veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, and dog walkers.

The Vitas Vet app is available to download for free both for iOS through the Apple Store and for android mobile through Google Play.

Dog training app


Feeling overwhelmed about managing your dog's behavior or finding ways to train your dog? The Puppr training app can help. This app was created by Sara Carson whose "Super Collies" you might recognize from Season 12 of America's Got Talent. Puppr has also won a Google Play Editor's Choice award.


This app includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for teaching your dog tricks as well as basic obedience skills. The app has over 100 lessons and gives dog owners the space to track their dog's training progress. You can also connect with dog trainers through the app.

The Puppr app is available to download for free both for iOS through the Apple Store and android mobiel through Google Play.

Cat breed app

Cat Scanner

If you're curious to learn more about cats and cat breeds, be sure to download the cat scanner app. Although people are often more familiar with diverse breeds of dogs, there are also a lot of cat breeds with distinct looks, and personalities.

Users take a picture of a cat, and the app analyzes the visual characteristics of that cat. Within seconds, they provide a cat breed identification. You can also scan mixed-breed cats and the app will assess what breeds are likely to part of the cat's heritage.

For fun, you can even take pictures of people, and the app will give an analysis of what cat breed a person most looks like.


The Cat Scanner app is available to download for free both for iOS through the Apple Store and for android mobile through Google Play.

Pet-friendly locations app


Do you like to take your dog to public places? The BringFido app can provide you with access to pet-friendly locations in your neighborhood. You can even use the app to plan your next trip with your pet — by searching for pet-friendly travel locations.

This app can help locate pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and attractions. BringFido's search engine includes filters to specifiy specific criteria. This can include information regarding establishments that only allow dogs of certain sizes, venues that don't charge pet fees, or locations that allow multiple dogs.

The app also allows dog owners to access information about pet supply retailers, groomers, dog sitters, dog walkers, and other dog professionals nearby.

The BringFido app is available to download for free for iOS through the Apple Store and for android mobile through Google Play.