13 Pets Who Might Be Witches

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Our loyal, lovable, sometimes mischievous companions are with us through thick and thin. Their intuition and unique behaviors can sometimes lend them a mystical quality. Of course, you might also happen upon your pets deep in a chaos magic ritual. These dogs and cats may have been rudely interrupted while doing something totally normal — or they may be witches.


1. "Just organizing my crystal collection that I definitely didn't use your credit card to order"

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2. Hmm, I didn't see "a coven of cats guarding a portal to another dimension" in the directions

3. Making shadow puppets, enjoying the candlelight, or some secret third thing?

4. Gandalf the Floppy-Eared is here to guide you through the Misty Moors

5. "It's okay, I didn't need to go upstairs anyway. They seem...busy"

6. I think they call this aura photography

7. Much like crystals, cats should be charged in sunlight or moonlight

8. "Goodbye? I thought it said 'good boy'"

9. This is the dog who appears out of nowhere to guide lost travelers back to safety

10. She loves playing fetch, digging holes in the yard, and guarding moss-covered ruins deep in the forest

11. If you can't find a coven to join, make your own

12. "To continue on your journey, you must answer the swamp witch this riddle: 'Do you have any treats?'"

13. Canis astronomicus, the magic star dog, photographed on the other side of the veil


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