17 Dogs Who Are Trying Out for a Talent Show

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Have you recently noticed your dog practicing a unique new trick? One that you perhaps didn't teach them? Have you caught them researching local talent shows or even sneaking your credit card out of your wallet to pay for audition fees? Your dog may be trying to tell you that they were born for the stage. The dogs on this list have been diligently rehearsing their acts and are a great source of talent show inspo for your aspiring pup.


1. Talent: Balancing (face category)

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2. Talent: Yodeling

3. Talent: Aerial hoop (duo act)

4. Talent: Balancing (parkour category)

5. Talent: Bicycling

6. Talent: Karaoke

7. Talent: Pawstands

8. Talent: Balancing

9. Talent: Assisted levitation

10. Talent: Stilt-walking

11. Talent: Defying gravity (sport category)

12. Talent: Spoken word poetry

13. Talent: Acrobatics (duo act)

14. Talent: Sculpting (winter materials category)

15. Talent: Dancing (freestyle, interpretive, duo categories)

16. Talent: Trapeze (duo act)

17. Talent: Barrel racing (duo act)


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