18 Cats Who Are Excellent Kitchen Assistants

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Not to be outdone by Ratatouille, these cats boast impressive culinary skills. If you're looking for a new kitchen assistant, look no further: the talented cats on this list can measure, stir, taste-test, and even wash dishes with the best of them.

1. Helping to find the right size pot for a recipe

2. "Okay, so the spaghetti is gonna go here. Are you writing this down??"

3. "Are you just going to stand there and laugh or are you going to help me with these potatoes?"

4. The chaotic urge to rearrange your entire kitchen after pulling one dish out of a cabinet

5. "You load the dishes, and I'll supervise from back here to tell you if you're doing it wrong"

6. When you must journey into the deepest recesses of the kitchen drawer to find your favorite spatula

7. Only the finest chefs know the importance of pre-warming a pot

8. The feeling of already having a sink full of dishes when you're only halfway through the recipe

9. "You just fold in the cheese"

10. "This cupboard is a disaster"

11. This cat holds the coveted position of Juice Supervisor, achievable only with years of culinary experience

12. Contemplating simply throwing all of your dishes away and buying new ones instead of loading the dishwasher a second time

13. "You've never made a bundt cake? They're so cute, they look like this"

14. Seriously WHERE is the cinnamon

15. Like method acting, the best way to come up with new recipes is to really immerse yourself in your subject

16. "Oh, don't get up! I can get it myself"

17. A watched pot never boils, but exerting pressure on the toaster oven establishes dominance

18. When a recipe says "hand-mix," this is what it means


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