15 Dogs Taking It Easy in Their Cool Strollers

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Sometimes you want to give your paws a break, and there's no better way to do it than in a stroller. Trading four paws for four wheels definitely has its perks. Just ask these dogs!

1. Just hangin' out! Literally.

2. This is how I roll.

3. It's not fair when only one of you gets the stroller.

4. Does this count as a "walk"?

5. They see me strollin', they hatin'.

6. When you know you've gotten too big for the stroller. (And you're a little resentful.)

7. Ready for a relaxing stroll.

8. Sharing your stroller is caring.

9. It's a stroller party!

10. Out and about getting some fresh air.

11. Why walk when you can lounge in your customized stroller with a fan?

12. So happy to be chillin' in my stroller!

13. It ain't easy but someone's gotta live that stroller life.

14. Strollin' through the supermarket.

15. Don't mind me, I'm just extremely comfortable.


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