Here's Where to Buy The Bully Stick Holder You've Seen on TikTok

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Are bully sticks your dog's favorite chews? These popular chews are a great way to keep your dog entertained and support healthy clean teeth. However, bully sticks can also be dangerous for dogs if they are swallowed. Dogs tend to just swallow instead of chewing the bully stick end — usually an inch or a couple of inches. This is a choking hazard and can cause an obstruction if they are eaten whole. The good news is, Bully Grips are a new product designed to hold onto your dog's stick and prevent this.


Video of the Day

Wrestling the last nub of a bully stick away from your dog isn't fun. But thankfully dog parents don't have to do that anymore! If you scroll on TikTok, you'll see that you're not the only dog parent worried about the choking risks of bully sticks. A solution is a simple tool we can attach to the chew!



In a recent video TikTok user prouddogmomblog shows us how to give our dogs their favorite chews and keep pups safe at the same time. Bully Grips hold onto your dog's bully stick while they chew and prevent them from swallowing it.

To use a Bully Grip chew holder, take your dog's favorite bully stick chew and insert it into one of these silicone grips. Once the stick is fully secured you can give it to your dog to chew. As your dog chews on the stick, it will remain inside the grip.


Your dog can still chew the stick all the way down to the Bully Grip but they won't be able to swallow the last nub of chew. When your dog is done chewing you can remove the bully stick from the grip, compost it, or throw it away.

Do you have a big dog with powerful jaws who chews big bully sticks? The BullyLok also made by Bully Grip works in a similar way to the Bully Grip. The main difference is that it's made to slide onto large-sized Bully Sticks. The attached screw is made from food-grade nylon.


Adding a Bully Grip bully stick holder or a BullyLok to your dog's bully stick can prevent them from serious injuries. These products can prevent swallowing, choking, and serious obstruction — which requires emergency surgery. Your dog can safely enjoy their classic Bully Stick with one of these products.



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