14 Dogs Who Are Bad at Sports

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Think you're excited for the big game? You've got nothing on these pups. These dedicated dogs have been practicing their kicks, passes, and catches. They want to show off their athletic prowess. Get ready to cheer them on (and stifle a laugh or two)!

1. Move over Air Bud, there's a new kid in town

2. The other team can't gain control of the ball if it's firmly lodged in your mouth

3. "Yelling about it" is an expert-level offensive strategy

4. To truly master your sport, you must become one with the ball

5. Never give up on your dreams, even if they're too big to get your mouth around

6. Camaraderie is an important part of team sports

7. "I'm just here to make sure everyone has fun, follow the rules, and gets lots of treats"

8. This dog is demonstrating the defensive strategy known as "no take, only throw"

9. A photo of the exact moment this dog regretted catching the ball

10. I think this is what they call a fake-out

11. May have gotten a little too much air on this vertical jump

12. The poster dogs for the saying "built like a linebacker"

13. Okay, even I know you're not supposed to completely ignore the ball

14. Who wouldn't be exhausted after playing so hard?


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