15 Dogs and Roombas Living Life as Frenemies

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Dogs and round little robots that zoom around eating everything in their path are not natural friends, but perhaps they are not enemies either. Learning to coexist is a beautiful thing.

1. This deserves the side-eye for sure.

2. At least I'll be safe in my crate!

3. Hoping this new robot friend can't jump or fly.

4. Let's call a truce for the night.

5. Makes an ok pillow.

6. The face you make when you don't like your new robot friend.

7. Ready to pounce on it at a moment's notice.

8. Marked safe from this round demon.

9. Best to keep your distance.

10. When you really didn't ask for a new roommate.

11. Smells...suspicious.

12. Uh oh, this new gadget thingie is too close to my crate.

13. Terrified but also curious.

14. Who's the boss?

15. Hmm, maybe I'll play nice.


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