15 Dogs Claiming To Be Comfortable in Uncomfortable Positions

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Dogs really love contorting themselves into funny positions and tight spaces like they're Cirque du Soleil performers. Humans will never understand, and that's what makes dogs the superior species. It's science.

1. If I fit, I sit. The end.

2. Naps are better partly under couches.

3. Yes, I'm comfortable, why do you ask?

4. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this position.

5. Near the snacks is where I prefer to be.

6. Humans just don't understand.

7. I love it down here!

8. The tighter the space, the better.

9. Next to the toilet is always the best spot.

10. Behold the ideal power nap position.

11. Think outside the box?

12. Actually, this place is perfect for me, thanks for asking.

13. Never been more comfortable.

14. Pillows and carpets are for wimps.

15. Don't judge until you've contorted yourself into this position and seen the benefits.


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