17 Dogs Helping Us Survive 2023

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It's a fact no one can argue with: a bad day can be turned around by seeing a dog. It stands to reason, then, that multiple dogs can turn a whole year around — and the pups on this list are here to do just that.

1. These dogs enjoying a rainbow (ok, they can't really see the rainbow, they're just happy you're here)

2. This iconic best friend duo

3. Kitty Baloo and his puppy

4. The Gherk, who is our sworn protector forever and always

5. This pup showing off his perfect smile

6. This dog, who would love to help you with your spring garden

7. These dogs, who are definitely in a really cool band but are super humble and approachable

8. This group of friends having the absolute best day

9. Peach, who doesn't even need two eyes to live her best life

10. This dog's perfectly endearing face

11. This tiny giraffe sniffing out a wild-foraged salad

12. This dog showing off her green thumb, er, paw

13. These dogs who invite you to join their picnic

14. This dog who brings sunshine wherever they go

15. This talented a capella group

16. This dog, who is so excited to show you all her favorite flowers

17. This cartoon character who is not fooling anyone with his dog disguise


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