14 Dogs Exploring All the Treasure Inside Refrigerators

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The refrigerator. It looms before dogs like an iceberg. An iceberg with a door that opens to reveal food and a cool breeze. What could be more exciting?

1. Chicken wings? Don't mind if I do.

2. This refrigerator only has some lemons. It's a dud.

3. The moment you realize it's too cold in here for you.

4. Cozy little nook!

5. When you're just not quite tall enough for the meat section.

6. Trying to look innocent when you're caught red-handed.

7. Where's the chicken?

8. There's gotta be a steak in here somewhere.

9. Raiding the fridge is a group endeavor.

10. Better than the actual air conditioning!

11. It hurts to be too short to reach the fridge.

12. Whoever put this chair here is a real ally.

13. New nap spot unlocked.

14. The Asparagus Thief strikes again.


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