16 Dogs Here To Tell You Everything Will Be Okay

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Everyone needs a little reassurance sometimes, and who better to soothe an anxious heart than a dog? Whether they're encouraging us to get out and smell the flowers or keeping us company under a blanket, these understanding doggos are here to tell you everything will be okay.


1. This tiny wizard can see that you are doing a great job

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2. This gentle forest spirit wants to know if you'll make flower crowns and watch the clouds with him

3. This pup is here to remind you that you are allowed to rest (and to be as cozy as possible)

4. If all you did today was nap in the sun, these best friends are proud of you

5. This dog knows just what'll cheer you up: her stuffed alien

6. You don't have to go on a big adventure to see the flowers

7. See? There are beautiful blooms everywhere! Some are yellow, some are pointy-eared

8. This dog says it's ok if you want the curtains closed, he won't judge you

9. This little guy is all good vibes and will totally make you popcorn and watch bad TV with you

10. This dog is living their best life, unconcerned with what their face might be doing in photos, and they think you look cute no matter what

11. Feel like you need a nap halfway through doing laundry? This pup's got you

12. If there's one lesson our dogs really want us to learn, it's that we should spend more time sleeping in the sun

13. Don't be embarrassed if you have to wear a special hat to keep your ears from dragging in the snow. Do what's best for you

14. It's gonna rain sometimes, and that's okay

13. Take a snow day, do something creative, fool your boss by building a replica of yourself to place in front of your camera. It's called self-care

14. This dog has conducted a thorough search of the area and can confirm that you deserve a little treat

15. You thought you couldn't keep a plant alive, but look at you now! You watered this seed all spring and now it's a beautiful dogflower

16. Nothing says "it's gonna be okay" like a dog bounding through a field of flowers to greet you