16 Dogs Taking the Subway in Style

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Public transportation is so great and these dogs know it! They enjoy taking the subway and making the most of their commute. Life is good.

1. Subways have some really nice art these days!

2. He's got subway manners down pat.

3. How much longer must we wait?

4. Gotta mind the gap.

5. Checking out your hairdo in the subway doors. It's a must.

6. It's the happy subway smile!

7. It's always nice to have a whole subway seat to yourself.

8. All dressed up proper for the subway.

9. Comfy for the commute.

10. The train is late?! Nooooo!

11. Nothing beats the freedom of an empty train car.

12. That feeling when you're kind of lost.

13. Pretty comfy, thanks for asking.

14. You gotta appreciate the beautiful tiles spelling out the station name.

15. Taking a quick nap before work.

16. Destination: Anywhere.


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