15 Dogs Who Are Muddy and Loving It

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Muddy paws are happy paws. These dogs went out of their way to find the muddiest puddles and covered themselves in dirt...because there's nothing better than rolling around in the mud! It's only the bath that comes later that's a problem.

1. A bath? Me? I don't need a bath.

2. Muddy puddles hold so many secrets.

3. It's that post-mud happiness.

4. When you can't find the mud, make your own!

5. Being muddy is more fun in a group!

6. It doesn't get much better than muddy paws and muddy snouts.

7. There's something so calming about a muddy puddle.

8. Time to bring out the heavy-duty dog shampoo.

9. Sometimes frolicking in the mud brings regret.

10. This is my meditation spot.

11. What? My coat was always this brown.

12. Muddiness rhymes with happiness.

13. When your friend drags you into the mud against your will.

14. Lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat.

15. Hashtag mud life.


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