15 Dogs Living Their Most Peaceful Lives on Pool Floaties

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Life is lovely when you're resting on an inflatable floatie in some type of body of water. Just one look at the serene expressions on these dogs' faces will prove it! Add some serenity to your day by enjoying these sweet photos.

1. Just call me the floatie master.

2. Doggy paddle? Nah, I'm all about the doggy lounging on my pool floatie.

3. And we'll all float on okay.

4. Water you waiting for? Join me on my pool floatie and let's make some waves!

5. Chillin' on my pool floatie, making fetch happen in style.

6. Lake days and doggy floaties go together like wagging tails and wet noses.

7. It doesn't get much better than this.

8. Just a dog, his floatie, and endless adventures in the water. Life is good.

9. Dog days of summer? More like dog on a floatie days of summer!

10. Surrounded by water, but feeling on top of the world on my pool floatie.

11. Living the doggy dream, one floatie at a time.

12. Pawsitively floating through summer like a pro.

13. Vroom, vroom! Get outta my way!

14. This pool floatie really knows how to treat a pup.

15. Float like a dog, play like a pup! Enjoying every moment on my trusty floatie.


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