19 Cats Helping Us Survive 2023

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In the ever-changing landscape of this year (let's not enumerate all the many things that we've all had to deal with, though), at least we could rely on cats. We're sure "feline enthusiast" Taylor Swift will also agree: cats are helping us survive 2023 with their unmatched cuteness and sass. A big thank you to all of our feline friends and the many ways they've come through for us.


1. This cat doing a biiiiiiig stretch.

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2. This cat napping with their mouse toy.

3. This cat and their super cool Grumpy Cat pillow.

4. This cat with their adorable surprise face.

5. This serious cat enjoying some serious sunshine.

6. These two cats with enough fluff to brighten up anyone's day.

7. This cat who absolutely cannot be disturbed right now.

8. This cat making their voice heard and reminding all of us to be more outspoken.

9. This cat preaching the benefits of being comfortable and unbothered.

10. This cat with a reminder that coffee can make anything better.

11. This cat who is about to ask you to "paint me like one of your French girls."

12. This baby cat who is too pure for this planet.

13. This cat whose elegant sleeping position belongs in Vogue magazine.

14. This cat with a reminder that self-care sometimes includes lounging around the house.

15. This cat with the most magical eyes ever.

16. This cat who has shapeshifted into a hotdog.

17. This cat who is undoubtedly living their best life.

18. These cat besties having a fun little chat session.

19. This cute kitten with a pink nose that makes you feel like everything will be all right.